Quick Takes

Friday, October 2, 2015

1. October is here! It's only the best month of the entire year, that's all! A bunch of beautiful mums for the front porch came home with Aaron yesterday after football practice, which just made October official for me. Mums = fall!

2. There were also some sweet hope-you-feel-better flowers from one of my sweet students left on my desk yesterday...is there anything nicer than that? Flowers are just good for the soul!

3. I kind of played hooky yesterday to go on the field trip with my girls' classes. I hardly ever get to go on their trips, since I'm always teaching, but my classes had writing assignments to do so it was a good time to get a sub. I felt guilty the entire time for abandoning my students, but when I don't go on the field trips I feel guilty for abandoning my children. I would say there's just no winning, but...

4. ...no, yeah, this kind of looks like winning to me!

5. Afterwards we came home and rested from our adventure. Because you can't get enough snuggles, popcorn, or Beauty and the Beast if you ask us.

6. Baby Mungo photobomb! Partly we call him Mungo because we can't settle on his real name, partly because...we're weird. Going through endless lists of Scottish baby names, you come across some really crazy options, so we have fun with it. Mungo sounds so big and hulking (appropriate enough for someone who is ALREADY big for his age) but it's actually an endearment that means things like "lovable" and "my darling" and "little puppy"...so Baby Mungo he is for now. And for the next few months, because I really don't see us making an actual decision any time soon.

7. Now to set up a couple of crock pots with batches of chili to serve after tonight's football game! At least, I'm calling it chili. The spice blend I mix up is pretty authentic, but we all know it can't REALLY be chili once I put beans in it. I get that,honestly, but 99 cents for a two pound bag of pinto beans is an awfully cheap way to stretch it far enough to feed a bunch of ravenous football players! 



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