Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, October 5, 2015

I was too sleepy to blog this morning, but the weekend was too fun to skip over entirely! The highlights included:

Our first Friday morning nature walk. The girls loved exploring the trails and discovering creeks and rocks and berries and flowers...we'll definitely be doing this again!

Another home game! The little girls' cheer uniforms came in - they aren't on the cheer squad, but they add a lot of pep to the crowd anyway! 

The fifth quarter meal back at the school after the game. I was afraid I had made too much chili, but no. It disappeared almost instantly! This meal was a lot simpler to prep, serve, and clean up than the last one, so now I'm on the hunt for more meals similar to it.

A little family lunch and shopping date on Saturday morning. Phoebe had a mini church camp all morning, so Aaron and I took the two big girls out to run some errands and eat some pizza...it was so nice to spend time together and not be in a rush.

Some awesome children's theatre! The girls love going to plays, even Phoebe. She was able to sit (mostly) entranced through all of Once Upon a Mattress even though it started at her bedtime. 

We had so much fun on Friday and Saturday that I was pretty useless and exhausted by Sunday afternoon, and I've spent a lot of time today playing catch-up on some of my usual weekend chores that got neglected in favor of naps. But it was totally worth it! It's easy to get so caught between the demands and responsibilities of school and the work of keeping a house and family running that there isn't enough fun kid-time. I don't really think it's our job as parents to constantly entertain our munchkins, and I think there's a lot to be said for incorporating them into the work and flow of the day rather than building everything around their whims. HOWEVER, sometimes you just need to play!

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  1. That does look like an awesome weekend! I am all for nature walks. :) I don't know if it's just the brief moment that you caught the photo, but I love how intense Phoebe looks about the game!


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