Weekend Wrap-Up!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We had Monday off at Flint, giving us a four day weekend, hallelujah! My big accomplishment was a foray into the crazy world of Texas homecoming mums, which was quite an adventure for a homeschooled girl who didn't grow up here. I have no experience with homecoming OR mums, and they are definitely A Thing.

They were fun, but involved more than a few conversations with my husband, the native Texan, that went along the lines of:
"How does it look so far? Isn't it kind of...loud?"
"It's not tacky enough yet, babe. You need to throw some more crap on there."

The booster club is going to sell the mums as a fundraiser, so I was making samples of the different options - single mum, garter, cowbell, and a mini mum for the elementary school girls. I went ahead and did Avalon's as the sample mini, and she's going to freak out when she sees it!

I didn't plan for the weekend to be a crafty extravaganza, but that's kind of how it seemed to turn out...I also learned how to crochet so I could get a head start on some froggie hoods for the grammar school play...and WHY have I not bothered with crochet before now? It makes for the perfect combination of resting, being mentally present with the kids, and getting something accomplished! 

(not quite the finished product, because I want to do the the bottom edge solid on the rest of them, and I think the eyes need whites, but close!)

The girls were so fascinated by the whole process that GiGi got them some supplies and showed them how to crochet too. I think every doll and stuffed animal in our house will soon be sporting a lovely single-chain scarf!

We also dug out some fall/Halloween decorations and put them out. But mostly we just relaxed and played and spent time together, and it was perfect. Some of the football boys spent the first part of the weekend hanging out with us, playing lots of Madden and generally being goobers, so we had a full, happy house AND time to enjoy it.

(Just so you don't get the idea that it's just nature walks and fine-motor craft projects and organic snacks around here all the time...sometimes it's strawberry Pop Tarts and old Scooby Doo movies!)

I had a midwife appointment yesterday (which I actually went to TWICE because I got the time mixed up in my head and showed up three hours early...and then fifteen minutes late. Pregnancy brain and Dallas traffic do not make a good combination!) which shed a lot of light on why I've been feeling so terrible. I love how blunt my midwife is! She was all, "You're not eating enough, you're not gaining enough weight, so what do you think the baby is growing off of? He's sucking the life out of you, OF COURSE you don't feel good. EAT MORE FOOD." Which is easier said than done when ninety-five percent of food looks and smells disgusting and you're still vomiting regularly, but I'm going to try my very best and see if that helps all the wacked-out blood sugar issues I've been having. It also explains why I've been self-medicating with my emergency jumbo box of Nerds candy! 


  1. I have never heard of homecoming mums; I'll need to see some photos!

  2. Your mums look GREAT! Yes, Homecoming is a thing and homecoming mums are a must. The louder the better. The bigger the better. I can't wait to see them all.


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