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Friday, November 20, 2015

1. It's officially Thanksgiving break! I can't believe we're at this point in the semester already, it just flew by, thank goodness, we really needed a week off, let's see how many days we can all wear pajamas and not go anywhere, etc., etc. All of those trite (and true!) statements.

2. I am feeling a little stressed about where my classes are leaving off, especially considering that we only have two weeks after Thanksgiving break before Christmas break. I've been doing this for ten years and it's still difficult to avoid valuing quantity over quality, to keep from feeling like we're falling behind if we don't read! ALL! the books! like a little literature class factory. Our philosophy at Flint has always been to pick a few very good books and read them thoroughly, really digging in. Which is fortunate, because I just can't bring myself to hustle my students through any faster. I love all of our discussions, how they constantly jump beyond the scope of one story and the teenagers are suddenly discussing and formulating (and maybe verbalizing for the first time ever) their ideas about everything. That's really important.

3. Also, you get super adorable student work like this:

Yes. The Odyssey meets Twitter. Boom. Nothing about this assignment was my idea (I think I said something really boring like write a narration of what we read this week, blah blah blah) but I love it.

4. Aaron and I took some of the upperclassmen on a road trip Sunday and Monday to visit some Flint alumni who are attending Central Christian College in Kansas. It was fantastic to see them doing so well, talking about classes and work and Life Beyond High School. We got to tour the campus, have lunch with some of the coaches, talk to an admissions counselor, fill out applications, and watch one of our guys play in the varsity game that evening.

5. It was awesome! And then we made the long drive home...all night...through some storms that looked suspiciously tornado-y. We got home at six in the morning, caught two whole hours of sleep, and then taught classes all day. Aaron had a JV game that evening and I took the girls to dance class, and then our big achievement was staying awake until we put the kids to bed. It was worth it, but it DID throw the entire week into minor chaos. I'm not entirely sure I could have made it through without the promise of Thanksgiving break on the horizon.

6. All of the classes had their Thanksgiving feasts yesterday, which grandparents were invited to. I managed to sneak over to the grammar school hallway and see Avalon and Lainey's classes give their adorable presentations. Cuteness overload!

7. The varsity and the girl's varsity teams are in a tournament all weekend, but then there aren't any basketball games for the rest of the break. Which is probably a good thing - I realized last night (when I put the girls to bed and then ran back out to see the varsity's first game of the tournament) that basketball season is going to be interesting combined with my third trimester. From the way the baby somersaulted and kicked in response to all my cheering and yelling, I may need to learn to be a bit more zen during games this year!

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