Steps to a Perfect Saturday

Monday, November 23, 2015

Steps to a perfect Saturday, Hallford family style:
  • Sleep in very, very late
  • Eat a lazy breakfast 
  • Play with toys and hang out while Mama crochets and Daddy grabs some video game time
  • Finally bother getting dressed
  • Head out to the movie theater for The Peanuts Movie and lunch

  • Bonus option: sneak the lid off of your drink and dump it on your unsuspecting mother's lap! 
  • Go home and nap hard
  • Wake up just in time to leave for the championship game of the tournament
  • Cheer on Daddy's team!

  • Have the feeling squeezed out of your hand by your mother, who is either experiencing anxiety because of the crazy close score OR is digging deep for the self-restraint to not scold the girl next to her for yelling mean things at our guys. Maybe both.
  • Talk about how to be a good, supportive fan and not an obnoxious one.
  • WIN the championship!

  • Enjoy the rare treat of going out to eat with Daddy after the game!

  • Go home and crawl into bed, declaring that you have just had the BEST DAY EVER.


  1. Oh, that definitely is the best day ever! It's a good thing there was a nap in the middle!


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