Weekend Wrap-Up: Homecoming and Halloween

Monday, November 2, 2015

This past weekend was busy! On Friday we had our Homecoming game, which can best be summarized by this picture I snapped of one of my 8th graders:

It was a VERY stormy evening! We made it through most of the game without getting too soaked, although we did give up on things like umbrellas and ponchos that were just blowing away as soon as we could get them situated. 

Then in the last two minutes of the game the heavens opened up and down came the floods. The girls and I ran to my van, but the field was far enough away from the parking lot that we didn't really avoid much of the downpour. It was an adventure!

Happily we won the football game! Not so happily (from my daughters' perspective) I made the executive decision to be sensible and take my soaked, frozen children home instead of to the school-wide Homecoming party as planned. There was a mechanical bull there, you guys, and I made them go home to take hot baths and drink tea and go to bed. I repeat, a mechanical bull. They are still in disbelief that I (or any sane person) could weigh silly things like chattering teeth and blue lips and flash flood warnings more heavily than that.
Also not so happily, I nearly water-damaged my phone to death, just running to the car. After spending the night in a bowl of rice it worked again, but my camera was all foggy. Like so:

(Halloween manicures with black fingernail polish, naturally!)

Ugh. Just in time to be lame for our Halloween party and trick-or-treating, things I would ordinarily take a MILLION pictures of. I realized how much I rely on my phone to document everything. A whole lot, that's how much. I stole Aaron's phone a few times to take pictures, so between that and the pictures that GiGi and my mom took we still ended up with nearly half a million pictures. Which is good, because we had a really fun evening!

I'm fairly certain that the girls picked the costume theme this year based on various lawn decorations they saw, but whatever, I went with it. I like letting them pick as long as they're being mostly reasonable. Avalon was a spider, Lainey was a bat, and Phoebe was a black kitty cat. We had some friends and family over for treats, party games, trick-or-treating, and of course, the traditional viewing of a Harry Potter movie while gorging on candy! 

Good times! Thanks to the time change, we didn't even have too hard of a time getting up for church in the morning. And thanks to some additional rice-bowl treatments, my phone dried out the rest of the way and my camera started working properly again!

 (Atomic Wings for lunch before running a few errands and then taking some epic naps!)

I finished off the weekend by cleaning up all the party mess and switching the Halloween decorations out for just Fall-type things, then cooking up a big low-country boil for dinner. After the crazy fun week we had, and all the Fun Things to Do over the weekend, I was honestly expecting to be completely worn out and frantic by Sunday afternoon. It was quite a surprise when I realized at nine pm that everything was taken care of and I could just watch Big Bang Theory with Aaron and paint my toenails!


  1. Okay, I have never seen or heard of homecoming mums, but it seems to me like you did a great job! And, seriously. You didn't go to the mechanical bull? Sheesh!

  2. I love that photo of all the girls in their costumes! So adorable! I rely on my phone a lot for pictures now, too, because it's just so easy. I'm glad you were able to dry your phone out!


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