Christmas Wrap-Up

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas was wonderful... I think it was the best one yet, actually! We have already taken down all of the decorations and trees, and found places for all of the new toys, but not because I was in a hurry to be done with Christmas - I just knew it needed to get taken care of before this basketball tournament that started today, especially since I need to work on the nursery a lot before we get back to school. 

To recap, the girls had their Winter Show dance performances, which were adorable. Phoebe could barely stand it, she wants to be a ballerina so badly. I made a dance bag for one of her Christmas presents, and gave it to her with a leotard, tutu, ballet shoes, and a Baby Ballet dvd, just to try and tide her over until she can start a class next year, because she can't WAIT.

We hit the rest of our Christmas bucket list activities, and had a blast - Christmas parties, driving through the lights at Interlochen, watching Christmas movies, going to see a performance of A Christmas Carol, making gingerbread houses and cookies for Santa, visiting with some of our brothers who are back in town from college for their own Christmas breaks, a little Nativity pageant with cousins...all kinds of fun!

Christmas morning was wonderful because we were able to surprise the girls with presents they weren't expecting. They didn't ask Santa for much, but I always feel like the Santa things are basically non-negotiable. Naturally Lainey, the child who cried repeatedly leading up to Christmas because she was worried she might be on the naughty list ("Why, what did you do, baby?" "I DON'T KNOW!") is the one who asked for the most random and specific things. The day before Christmas Eve I spent a solid chunk of time in my workroom at school, sewing blankets for the doll bunk bed she requested, and painting a little piano I found on Craigslist because she very clearly wanted a PINK piano.

Avalon has been seriously obsessed with American Girl dolls for a while now, planning IN GREAT DETAIL the American Girl birthday party that she wants, pouring over the tattered catalog, telling everyone she talks to about which doll she wants and how she has to wait until February to get one. The last presents to be opened on Christmas morning were American Girl dolls for Avalon and Lainey (and a baby Tinkerbell doll for Phoebe, who only wanted baby dolls and baby doll toys, and could barely be bothered to open any presents once she got ahold of a high chair and diaper bag) to their unbounded shock and amazement. For the rest of the day, at five minute intervals, we heard, "That was SO SNEAKY, how did you surprise me like that? I can't believe I have my Grace doll NOW!"

Christmas is so much fun when you have kids!

We had several family get-togethers on Christmas and the day after, which led to a bunch of skipped naptimes and late bedtimes. Yesterday I could barely get any of them out of bed! This morning we finished re-organizing all of the toys and then spent hours and hours watching the snow (which came out of nowhere, seriously, Texas weather is ridiculous) melt and playing some complicated and absorbing imaginary game, happy in the knowledge that we still have a whole week of break left. 


  1. It looks like y'all had a great Christmas! Try and enjoy the break before the craziness of school starts back!


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