Crazy Girl Nesting

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My due date is in a little bit more than two weeks and I have officially reached that stage of pregnancy where I'm wearing non-maternity dresses as shirts because nothing else can cover this crazy big belly. Extreme nesting has set in, which is good because I wear myself out enough to counteract the extreme panicking that has also set in (Honey? Do you think the baby's okay? What if I go into labor and you have to leave for a basketball game before he gets here? What if he isn't really a boy after all? Where's the sonogram picture? Okay. Wait, no, are you SURE? How am I going to get through labor when I can barely make it up the stairs? Which outfit should I pack for him to come home in? Do you still love me even though I'm annoying? Promise?) Y'all say a prayer for my husband. I think I asked him all of those questions within a span of ten minutes yesterday. He just brings me flowers and pats me on the head at this point.

I also get stuck in ridiculous If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - type scenarios on the regular. For example, after church I wanted to take my boots off, which is a whole involved process of its own, so I could rest. Only, if I took my boots off I would have to put them back ON later, because I needed to carry my labor bag and the girls' overnight bags out to my van. So I had to do that first. Only, there wasn't much point in putting the bags in the van until I had vacuumed it out, so I had to drag the Dyson out to the driveway and vacuum first. But I needed to empty the filter, which required walking past some cleaning supplies, and really, what is the point of vacuuming the van if you aren't going to clean it too? At least wipe down the surfaces or whatever. And then the seats looked gross, so I obviously had to scrub the upholstery. Walking around the van made me notice these big scuff marks on the door, so I had to get after them...

TWO HOURS LATER I was able to put my bags in the back of the van and take my boots off. 

Nesting is not for the faint of heart! 

However, I do have nearly all of the nursery set up and ready for him, so it's not without merit. We decided that Avalon would be the best candidate for sharing a room with a baby, which she is super excited about, and she has loved helping me decorate their room. We went with a woodland adventure theme, but with kind of a Highland twist because some of us fancy ourselves to be Merida from Brave and that blended pretty naturally. I made some curtains for beneath her loft bed, so she has this crazy awesome fort stuffed full of her dollhouse and sewing things and artwork and American Girl EVERYTHING, where she could happily sit out a zombie apocalypse

I had fun making all the wall art and mobiles and things at the end of Christmas break, but that was nothing compared to how much I enjoy the knowledge that it is FINISHED. Aaron set up the little cradle/swing contraption in our room for the first few months, so we're essentially ready to go whenever baby decides it's time!

...although I do still need to wash the swing cover. And I probably should wash the comforter on our bed again, and maybe Aaron should steam clean the carpet in our room, just to keep all the possible allergens and germs down, and...

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