Back To Back, Baby!

Monday, February 22, 2016

So once again I was out of town for the last two games of basketball season - the Final Four playoffs game and the state championship game - and once again I received the much-anticipated texts telling me that our guys came through with victories. Flint has now won back-to-back state championships!

I am so unbelievably proud of them! These boys are so talented (and smart and funny and sweet and strong) and they've worked incredibly hard to get here. Several of them are seniors, and get to end their high school basketball careers on this wonderful high note. We've seen them overcome all kinds of odds and I'm pretty sure they can do anything! We're still a teeny tiny school, we still have to have all our practices in the parking lot, and we're still champions.  It's a good feeling.

And even though I miiiight be a little biased, I can say with confidence that their coach has taught them more about integrity and sportsmanship, character and manliness than you could ever imagine. Not to mention, you know, basketball. 

I would be equally proud of them all win or lose, but my heart is just bursting with happiness for them that they won. Go Falcons!

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