Traveling, Newborn Style

Thursday, February 25, 2016

My final Circe apprenticeship retreat was last California...and my baby wasn't quite three weeks old...and I was still recovering from a crazy bout of mastitis and a trip to the ER...

So naturally I went! Naturally I took Tristan with me. Naturally lots of people thought I was completely insane. And they weren't wrong! But it was a really great trip and I'm so glad we did it.

I was ridiculously terrified to apply for the apprenticeship in the first place, but over the course of the past three years I've come to love it with all of my heart. Now I depend on these twice a year retreats to refresh and inspire me, and to give me the chance to spend time with a really amazing group of women. I can't even say how valuable it is to spend a few days in fellowship with a bunch of other ladies who are also spending their days teaching and nurturing and trying to understand Norms and Nobility. So no way was I going to be okay with missing my last chance for that! And everyone in the apprenticeship was so gracious and supportive, and Tristan is a pretty chill kind of baby, so it all worked out beautifully.

Right before the trip I had a few moments of panic (or possibly a more sane person might call them moments of clarity?) where this seemed like the worst idea ever, but really the most stressful part of the trip was almost missing my flight out to San Francisco, and that had nothing to do with traveling with a baby. Other than that my biggest challenge was the fact that I am not a graceful or coordinated breastfeeder-in-public AT ALL, and really the best way to keep a three week old happy and quiet is to feed him without ceasing. 

(Possibly related facts!
1. Tristan didn't fuss one bit on any of our flights, and was mostly quiet for our retreat sessions.
2. Tristan gained an entire pound, according to his weigh-on on Tuesday, over the course of our trip.)

He really was an angel on the flights...but he screamed like a banshee for fun things like the security line and check-in and boarding and just being in the airport in general. I know for certain that a lot of people around us were hoping hard that we wouldn't be on their flight. Little did they know that he would be the absolute BEST person to sit next to!

We were admittedly pretty worn out by the time we got home on Saturday night, but we've recovered and are getting back into the swing of things nicely. And I'm so, so happy that we went and that I got to be with everyone one last time and learn and participate (a little distractedly, while struggling with a nursing cover) in wonderful conversations about education and rhetoric and literature. I don't know what I'll do in May when I graduate. Try extra hard to go to the Circe conferences, I guess!

I'm also happy that Tristan and I were able to have this little adventure together. Talk about bonding time! And while he obviously won't remember it, he'll love hearing about it as one of those "When you were a little baby..." stories that all my kids are obsessed with. Hopefully this one will end with something like, "And that's why you have such a deep and profound understanding of the characters of Julius Caesar, darling!"


  1. You give me hope.. We have a wedding out of town, with what will be a 3 or 4 week old newborn.. AHHH.. hoping to do it with as much grace as you did.


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