Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tristan is here and he is one week old today! 

I started early labor with him on the 29th, which was the ONE day Aaron had been telling me not to go into labor because we had a big home game and no one to cover for him if he needed to be gone. So I spent the day trying to rest as much as possible to stall things, finishing up my progress reports between contractions, and took the girls to the game that evening to try and distract myself from how uncomfortable I felt. That worked for the most part, although the contractions got more significant about halfway through the game and I started to feel super irritated with everything. BUT I made it through the night and didn't mess up any basketball games, so yay! Although I will say if anyone's progress reports seem kind of disjointed or anything, bear in mind that contractions were interrupting my thought process. 
Labor kicked in for real early the next morning and we dropped the girls off at their Gran's house and drove to the birth center around eleven...and just about three hours later Tristan was born! He was definitely my shortest and easiest birth so far and I am officially crazy about the new midwife who was on call at the birth center that day. We rested for a while and then went home around seven that evening.

And Tristan is wonderful. They thought he was measuring small, but he turned out to be my biggest baby yet - seven pounds and 14 ounces, twenty inches long, completely adorable. We're all in love!

We've had a good week. In the past I've made myself really sick by trying to get up and function like a normal person immediately after having my babies and this time I was determined not to. I have stayed mostly in bed all week (with the exception of going to Barnes and Noble to see the girls' classes perform at the Flint art show fundraiser...I just couldn't stand to miss seeing them perform when they were so excited and had practiced so hard) so I feel physically all recovered now. Thank goodness for my mama and Kim dealing with everything so I was able to rest! I've been reading up on lying-in traditions and how strange it is that our culture is just about the only one that lacks an established means of ensuring that recovering mamas get to rest properly. I can tell it makes a huge difference! I still have had to deal with breastfeeding woes and annoying crying-for-no-reason episodes, like I always do postpartum, but it has seemed much more manageable thanks to all the rest.

The girls love their brother and can't get enough of cooing over how cute he is. They aren't wrong! I can't get over it either. This boy is adorable!

The hardest thing we're dealing with (besides trying to find any kind of a sleep rhythm, which honestly isn't going to happen in the first week and I don't know what makes me think I can figure it out) is the unfortunate way the TIMING worked out. Playoffs start next week and this is peak basketball craziness time. I would be missing Aaron and solo-parenting most evenings regardless, but it's about a million times harder with a newborn. He's had to be away with games and other coaching duties almost every day so far, and it's really been hard on both of us. So hard, I'm not even kidding. BUT that's just the season we're in and it won't last forever. There is even a beauty to be found in it, in the way it's made us appreciate and cherish each other, and feel all warm and fuzzy toward each other EVEN MORE than usual. Which is saying something, y'all, because we're pretty much crazy about each other in general!


  1. Yay Tristan and for Mama getting some much-needed rest! 💙💙

  2. Welcome, Tristan! What a sweetie, and so glad you are all doing well in the midst of the (awesome) craziness!

  3. yay! Congrats! Basketball season is soooo hard and I can't even begin to think about how you do it with three kids and now a newborn. You are a ROCK STAR!

  4. Congratulations! He is gorgeous! Here's to rest and not feeling overwhelmed - just take it an hour at a time!


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