Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, February 29, 2016

We had a lot going on this weekend! Or at least, it felt like a lot with a newborn in tow. On Friday we celebrated Avalon's birthday with a tea party at the American Girl Bistro. She's only been obsessively planning this since September, so no big deal or anything. It felt weird that I didn't have to DO anything for the party. I kept having little spurts of panic, thinking I was forgetting something or letting something slide, but no. All I had to do was make the reservations and show up. Score!

She was pretty thrilled with the whole thing! Her last present (and I use that word loosely here) was that I allowed her to spend Saturday helping me with costumes for the grammar school play. We spent the entire day at the school, along with Tristan, my little sister, and my mom, who held Tristan as much as possible so I could have my hands free to sew. 

(Although technically, since the play is this Thursday and I had a lot of costumes to get through, it was more hot gluing than actual "sewing")

She loved it - both doing the little projects I gave her AND modeling various costumes so I could do alterations. Aaron kept offering to come get her, but she wasn't having it. She stayed TWELVE hours with us!

Tristan was fairly cooperative as well, although he was really, really ready for some serious mama time by the end of the day - he'd had enough of that nursing and then being passed off business!

Sunday morning we went to church for the first time since Tristan was born. We had missed going and seeing everyone, especially the girls, who adore their classes. Tristan was nearly perfect, just fussing for the first part of class and then settling down and sleeping. I think we were both happy to have some snuggle time!

After church and lunch I went back to the school to finish the costumes, and I left Tristan with Aaron and Kim this time. My mom met me up there to work on an oyster costume she is making for me (see? I'm learning to delegate and accept help and stuff!) and I got everything 99 percent finished, thank goodness. I have a few things that I brought home to work on when Tristan naps, but other than that it's all ready for showtime!

(I mean, except for some alterations I'll probably need to do during dress rehearsal and a few things that I decided to tweak after I went home and thought about them and a few pieces my wonderful helpers are finishing...but I'm still counting it as practically finished and don't try to stop me!)

So today I'm just snuggling my sweet baby and catching up on all the homemaker-type things that I neglected all weekend. There's a roast in the slow cooker, laundry in the dryer, and a great big mug of tea with my name on it!

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  1. OH, my goodness, a baby boy! I love his name! Congratulations, Nicole!

    Avalon's birthday looked like the perfect celebration, too. :)


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