Quick Takes

Friday, March 11, 2016

1. Spring break is here! We have some fun plans for today, mostly to console the girls. They've been dreading spring break all week and are none too pleased with its arrival. They don't want a week off of school! A whole week? Really? Why can't we have school? 
Really, it does my heart good. We will TRY to have a TINY fraction of the fun that they would have had in school all week, but let's be realistic. Yesterday they got to pet a boa constrictor that was seven feet long. Zootopia pales in comparison.

2. Aaron took Avalon to Toys R Us to spend her birthday money...and she bought a Kindle Fire. I am so totally opposed to the kids having a tablet or anything, but we did say she could spend her money however she wanted. Rather than go back on what we said, I'm gritting my teeth and letting it go. Only NO internet access! And I have to approve every app! And you can only play it for a VERY SMALL amount of time every day and you have to have a good attitude whenever I say time's up! 
Teacher's kids: the struggle is real.

3. I'm going back to work after spring break, with the usual mixed emotions. I love and miss being at school every day, and I miss the kids like crazy, and we have some awesome work to dig into for the last chunk of the school year...but, you know... baby
And I won't lie, when everyone goes off to school for the day and it's just Tristan and Mama at home, it's pretty delightful. Like, for real. But I know I'll be happy to be back as soon as I get settled into it again. 

4. I'll have to go up to the school one day this next week and get my classroom ready for Tristan to be with me all day, and I'm gradually implementing a kind of schedule for him that will work with classes and passing periods and stuff. Also we've been practicing the vital skill of him being content while I hold him in the rocking chair and read aloud. We got through most of Julius Caesar yesterday, albeit a strange take on the story where all the characters slip in and out of baby talk and silly voices. Probably I won't do that when I'm reading to Tristan AND my class. 

5. This. All the time.

6. All three of the girls are obsessed with Tristan, but Lainey takes it to a whole other level. Any chance she gets, she's kissing him or cooing over him or rhapsodizing over his adorable face and ears and toes and smile and oh look, Mama, he's smiling at me! I think he loves me! 
For sure he does, as do we all. That Lainey is just about as lovable as they come!

7. I'm having fun getting gradually back into this blog. Stepping back from it a little because of crazy schedule stuff and third trimester exhaustion followed by newborn-haze has given me time to get a little perspective on it. I have struggled with feeling too self-conscious to post consistently, and with doubting everything I want to write. Am I writing too much about my own personal children? Too much about the school? Not enough? Do we still even have boys staying with us? (Just one currently, and he's a graduate, not a student) What's okay to share about students and what isn't? Since I'm, you know, the WRITING TEACHER shouldn't I use perfect grammar and never sacrifice rules (like all-caps-ing things! and being weird with commas! and using slangy phrases!) for the sake of expression? And shouldn't I be totally positive and upbeat all. the. time? So the end result usually feels awfully stilted and flat to me, and I compensate with a ton of pictures and hit Publish with a dissatisfied look on my face and a prayer that I haven't inadvertently displeased anyone. Which is no fun. SO I'm giving myself permission to be a teensy bit grittier, and to write about whatever is foremost in my head even if it's the third post in a row about Great Books and you're starting to wonder if I've forgotten I have children of my own - or vice versa, and to go a little crazy with usage and stuff. It'll be way more entertaining, at least for me! And y'all just bear in mind that 
a.) I'm still trying desperately hard not to upset anyone with anything I write so if I do it's totally an accident and I will apologize and bake you some cookies, and 
b.) I do know how to write properly, honest I do, and I teach your children correctly. I also teach them that once you know the rules you get to break them at your discretion, Go crazy! WHEEEEE! But you still have to use the Oxford comma no matter what because whoa, let's not get TOO carried away now. We aren't anarchists, okay?


  1. You keep being you girl! I love your blog because it feels genuine. Happy Spring Break!


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