Quick Takes

Friday, March 25, 2016

1. Well, we did it! Our first week back at school, and it was awesome! My sub, who is the best sub ever in the history of time had my classes all perfectly wrapped up with their reading of Julius Caesar, so I was able to kind of ease Tristan into a school routine while my classes watched the movie. The first day we had Real Class I was surprised by how very, very funny all the kids were. I guess most things are funnier when you aren't nine months pregnant, but seriously, they are collectively hilarious. 

2. Tristan thought so too!

(He really did beautifully all week, with just a few tiny fussy moments. I was even able to get through a massive stack of papers while he napped in the wonderful, wonderful Baby K'Tan.)

3. We had our class Easter parties yesterday, and I let my homeroom dye eggs, which is nerve-wracking even when you don't have an infant strapped to your chest. We made it through without any disasters...mostly. Sort of. You know what, never mind! 

4. The girls' class parties looked totally adorable. I wasn't able to drop in for them (because, dye, 8th grade boys, constant vigilance, etc.) but based on Facebook pictures and glowing tales told all the way home, I would say they definitely had a wonderful time!

5. Aaron took some of the boys bowling today, and then they all pitched in to do some moving. I rallied the troops at home and we spent the morning simultaneously doing chores and having a dance party. I love my little partners in crime! Their reward was to watch The Book of Life (our new favorite movie, HOW did we not know it even existed??) after lunch...and to dance for all of the credits. 

6. Phoebe wasn't so much for doing chores with the rest of us, but she was fantastic at keeping her baby brother entertained! 

7. Actually, the girls all seem to be competing for the title of Most Obsessed With Baby. He can't even sneeze without an immediate chorus of "Awwwww!"
I'm a little afraid that he's going to grow up convinced that every little thing he does is completely adorable, but...I mean it's kind of true!


  1. I think it's so awesome you get to take Tristan to school with you.

  2. What K. said! Babies are adorable, though. Every baby should have a devoted following!


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