Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, March 14, 2016

Tristan is six weeks old now! He's seriously the best. I mean, hello!

Napping. Without me holding him. He's been taking a morning nap while I wear him in the baby k'tan thingy, then a nice afternoon nap in his swing. He does best with that one if there are diy shows playing in the background, I've discovered. The soothing sounds of power tools and demolition, I guess? It drowns out the sound of our demon beagle periodically losing her mind, anyway. 
He's been a little fussy (and nighttime sleeping has been hit and miss) thanks to that milk intolerance and what I am ninety percent certain is some acid reflux. But still. Delicious. 

The weekend was nice, that combination of relaxed and productive that we usually can only achieve during a school break. I've been picking small-ish projects around the house for myself, trying to avoid getting overwhelmed or overtired. Organizing all the children's books, cleaning the pantry, stuff like that. On Sunday after church I took some baby stuff up to the school and worked on getting my classroom ready for Tristan - I even managed to whip up some slipcovers for rocking chair cushions before running out of steam! Then Aaron and I took the kids out for dinner and totally wrecked their bedtimes, but oh well. 
It's funny to go places with all four and see people's reactions. When I go somewhere with just Tristan I invariably hear, "Aww, your first?" And then "Oh. Wow." When I say he's my fourth. But apparently seeing everyone all together is even more startling to the general public. We are kind of a spectacle, I guess. 

Aaron and Scotty are currently being my heroes and spending their day cleaning out and organizing the garage. Can I just say how much I love the off-season?  Stuff gets done! AND Aaron is home earlier in the evenings because there's no practice, just off-season workouts. That easily makes up for the giant bin of jerseys in the laundry room! 

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  1. He is so cute! I hope you get some sleep at night soon. I must give a HUGE AMEN to the off season! Adrian is already home and working outside.... this is the life!


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