In the Home Stretch

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It always feels like the school year is officially winding down as soon as the upper school play is over. Which obviously, there's only two weeks left, but it doesn't FEEL that way until the minute the play ends. 

We did The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe this year, and experimented with having a smaller cast. In the past we've had every.single.student onstage. This year it was just kids who hadn't been in a Flint play yet (you have to do at least one!) and kids who signed up for it because they've caught the theatre bug. Plus one alum who was shanghaied into the role of Mr. Tumnus ten minutes before the show started because the poor guy who had the part had to go to the ER with terrible stomach pain (which fortunately was not appendicitis after all!) ...and because the costume fit him. AND because he was a wonderfully good sport, as Flint grads tend to be.

I am so crazy proud of these kids! They rolled with a last-minute cast change, technical difficulties, forgotten lines, and were absolutely darling. Just look at them!

I had much less to do than usual for costumes because there was a smaller cast, for one thing, and for another because we got to borrow all of the animal and evil army costumes from a different company. The stuff I had to make was all either vintage or fairy tale, which is fun to play around with (although I did discover that we can add "making a centaur costume out of pool noodles and duct tape" to the List of Things Nicole Absolutely Cannot Do. Which was already an awfully long list, full of gems such as "tell left from right without stopping to think about it" and "make any recipe where you have to caramelize sugar") And I was still totally worn out! But it was worth it, as always. I love these adorable goobers!

Hopefully everyone else got to recover by spending the weekend in Super Extra Lazy Mode like we did. So! Much! Napping! happened over here the past few days. I mean, we did a little bit of:

And some chores, or whatever, but mostly we did a lot of:

Which was awesome. So now we're all ready and powered up for the last two weeks of school! 

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  1. Every time you do one of these posts, it always makes me wish I could see the plays. Looks like everyone does a phenomenal job!


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