Thing One and Thing Two

Friday, June 3, 2016

Last night I (finally) emptied out the big girls' backpacks and started going through their papers and artwork and journals. All their work for the school year has been collecting in a bin and later I'll go through every single page and put the best things in page protectors in their binders...later, once Tristan's nap schedule is all worked out and I have more than ten minutes of free time. Until then, can I just say, wow.

They have grown and learned so, SO much this year. They have had incredible, amazing teachers that I really can't say enough good things about. Miracle workers, I swear! I am forever thankful that my lovies had such wonderful nurturing and instruction during a year when I was pretty badly off my mama game. A great big chunk of the credit for the girls not running completely feral while I was so sick goes to their teachers. Instead of the wild Amazons I could be dealing with this summer, I have these two graceful dancer-baby-snuggler-artist-singer-writer-sewer-cooker-dreamer-learner-helper beauties who can tell me dozens of Bible stories and songs they learned in kindergarten, or read Sarah, Plain and Tall all on their own, or create a script and costumes for a Snow White play to be performed this Sunday.

Although Avalon is our designated spider-killer, which is pretty fierce and Amazonian in my book...and there's always Hurricane Phoebe to keep us on our toes!

(Pretty sure this is just going to be the Summer of No Pants for Phoebe while we work on mastering that whole potty-training thing way later than I would like to admit. Like I said, my mama game was way off!)

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