Quick Takes

Friday, July 1, 2016

1. If you were wondering what the best husband in the universe looks like, well, here you go:

2. He came home from open gym the other night, took the baby monitor away from me, and slept on the couch so I had a WHOLE ENTIRE NIGHT of completely undisturbed rest while he got up with Tristan over and over. It. Was. Amazing.

3. Our most recent science project was to make butter in a jar. We talked about the shocking revelation that butter does not, in fact, magically spring forth into the dairy aisle, but has to be made. We talked about how moving cream around very fast for a while will make all the fat molecules stick together and that eventually turns into butter. We poured cream in a jar and took turns shaking it to a pretty sweet dance mix that Aaron turned on.

4. It was the cutest science lesson/dance party ever, is what I'm saying.




5. At least it was until we were almost finished and the bottom of the mason jar just...broke off... and delicious fresh butter went everywhere. Mostly all over poor Jamie. The only person who really got to enjoy the fruits of our labor was the overweight beagle. Who only tolerates any of us because we might drop food.

6. Avalon was trying to work out some riddles last night and came across this head-scratcher: "I am tiny. I have three body parts and six legs. I am often a pest at picnics. What am I?" She had barely finished reading the clues before she got all excited and said, "OOOH, OOOH! It's an OCTOPUS!" We all stopped and stared at her for a second and then everyone burst out laughing hysterically. I think the visual image of a trail of octopi invading a picnic occurred to us all at the same time. I love laughing with my girls and having inside jokes with them. 

7. My little army of flying monkeys is up and about and wreaking havoc on the village now, so that's all I've got. Happy July! 


  1. xD That sounds like my kind of science experiment! Our old dog was exactly the same, she just had the long suffering look of 'why me?' down to a tee.

    Thanks so much for sharing over at #FridayFrivolity :)

  2. HA! I LOL'd at the butter and octopus stories! We always seem to have unplanned messes/ explosions when we attempt hands on science too. Thanks for linking up!


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