Now We Are Six: Lainey-Girl Style

Thursday, August 4, 2016

This sweet girl turned six last week. My beautiful, tender-hearted, loving little old soul...isn't she perfection? 


Her actual birthday was a few days before her party, so we spent the day doing Lainey things. "It's kind of like I'm the boss for the day, isn't it?" she says. "Because I'm the birthday girl." Which is a big deal if you're always having to compromise on everything with a bossy older sister and a feisty little sister, I would imagine. We had funfetti pancakes with whipped cream and syrup and maraschino cherries and a happy birthday candle, then swimming with the whole gang, then lunch (chicken nuggets and french fries, as requested!) followed by HER choice of Netflix shows...then ice skating (well, wearing ice skates near the rink, if you want to get technical) and Starbucks with GiGi and Avalon, and later a big spaghetti dinner and a "kids movie night" viewing of Inside Out. And not even one little bitty tiny smidge of the dreaded Birthday Child Bratties that can be so easy to fall into when you're kind of like the boss for the day. Lainey-girl just basked in the privilege.


Her actual party was on Saturday, at a fancy, girly tearoom. She got a bit overwhelmed and deer-in-the-headlights at all of the attention being focused on her when she was unwrapping presents, but only for a minute. The rest of the time was all sparkle-tastic! to use her description. 

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