"Winds in the East, Mist Coming In...

Monday, August 15, 2016

...Like something is brewing, about to begin. Can't put me finger on what lies in store, but I feel what's to happen all happened before."

So, a weird thing about me! The weather affects my mood hard. All kinds of weather, all kinds of moods. Sort of like a frog barometer, but also sort of like a mood ring. Very much like a crazy person. But y'all. This weather right now! Having a rainy week with highs in the 80's in August? In TEXAS? Magical, right? Almost overnight we went from somewhat-successfully frying an egg on our sidewalk (it was really more like baking than frying) in 104 degree sunshine to playing in the rain with cousins until the thunder got too intense.


I keep pulling up the weather app on my phone to gloat over the forecast. Is that weird? I think it might be weird, but there you go. It just feels so heavenly outside and it somehow kicks me into a different state of mind. The end of summer is suddenly more acceptable and I want to start thinking about school things and schedules and lists and everything. I can start thinking about it all, whereas before my mind just kept wandering away. 


I'm not so crazy as to think that it won't heat back up, but I am crazy enough that the change in the weather was just the nudge I needed to get excited about resuming athletics and academics and all of that. This summer has been perfect, but I'm suddenly okay with it ending, and I wasn't until the temperature dropped. And happily, we still have this week and next week before inservice start at Flint, so there's this whole best-of-both-worlds thing going on right now. The kids and I spent an entire rainy morning snuggled up in bed watching movies (and eating Pop-Tarts, oh the crumbs on our sheets!) in our pajamas because why not!


Today we went swimming even though it was raining. There wasn't any lightning or anything, and my little crew thought it was THE coolest thing imaginable.



But I won't pretend it was entirely for their benefit. One of my favorite things in the world these days is Tristan's poolside naps, and I'm not about to miss any if I can help it. Next summer he'll be too big for a morning nap, and I love our time snuggling while I stretch out and watch the girls swimming.


I mean, just look.


Pretty soon school will start and the pool will close and we'll have all kinds of new adventures...until then we're going to snuggle in the rain as much as possible while I make checklists and lesson plans up in my head.

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  1. It's starting to feel fall-ish here, too. I'm so torn, because I love fall on the one hand... but why so fleeting summer??


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