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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Because you have to start eighth grade with a class selfie! I love getting to be the eighth grade homeroom teacher (because eighth graders are awesome) and this year I love it even more. This little group is so much fun!

In my opinion the first day of school absolutely is a holiday and you'll never convince me otherwise. My kids agree, fortunately. They were slightly excited to start school yesterday.

(Phoebe was excited about it, honestly, she was just also very excited to be eating breakfast and wouldn't stop for a picture)

No one wanted a Frozen backpack this year! Wonders will never cease! Also, I wised up and asked each of them what kind of backpack they wanted separately so as to get their own actual opinions.

Tristan started nursery class with GiGi, which means he isn't with me all day every day, which means I am super emotional. He doesn't mind being dropped off at all, but when they stop by my class for a visit he wraps his arms around my neck and clings like a little monkey, so I think he misses me a little bit too. ALSO Phoebe started pre-k! She's been incredibly impatient for this day, but felt a little overwhelmed when we actually were going in the building.

She cheered up pretty quickly, though!

This is the first year that I've managed to get all my tinies settled into their places before I technically needed to be in teacher mode for my older babies in the upper school. I guess four years of experience will do that!

The upper school had an assembly with Dr. Flint first thing, and then went to homerooms. 

(Those are First Day of School muffins and I only make them once a year because, again, I'm convinced this is a holiday. They are spice cake mix and cinnamon-sugar glaze and apple butter filling and Tristan stole one at the end of the day and wouldn't relinquish his grip, oh no ma'am, it's MINE ALL MINE NOW!)

I didn't start any of my books in my classes...we did some review ANI columns and ate muffins and enjoyed seeing each other again. The kids think that we didn't really "do much" in class because it was the first day (probably they think that because I said it to them) but there was all manner of sneaky groundwork-laying and adjustment-making and observation going on to help the REST of the year go smoothly. And also, I really missed them all!

My eighth graders reported back at the end of the day that upper school is very different from the grammar school and they like it, but it's still kind of overwhelming and they miss Mrs. Hobby. My babies reported back that SCHOOL IS AWESOME WE LOVE IT WOOHOO, etc. and included lots of "Thank you, God, for our teachers" in their bedtime prayers. I had to rock Tristan forever when I put him to bed, not because he was fussy, just because I missed him so much and he had fallen asleep rubbing a handful of my hair on his face while I read Winnie The Pooh to him and I hated to move.

And then I went to bed as soon as I finished the girls' bedtime story because Aaron had a fantasy football draft and I had been up since four in the morning. But it was a really great first day of school and I think it's going to be a wonderful year at Flint!


  1. Long Snuggles can make the longest days seem so worth it.

  2. I feel like the first day of school is a reason to celebrate! It is one of the only days that I actually cook breakfast for the hubs before school :) Have a great year!

  3. You make me remember when it really was fun to get back to school; I agree that it is a holiday!


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