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Friday, September 16, 2016

1. Our girls did a fantastic job at their volleyball game last night! I'm pretty crazy about these chicas...the team this year is 80% of my homeroom plus a few more older darlings. Isn't it great how they can go from cutesie pose mode to warrior beast mode (and then back again!) so quickly? 

2. Also, we're actually getting into the swing of having FOUR little Hallfords hanging out on the sidelines. We went from school to a staff meeting to the dance studio to the gym and then home to dinner and bed with minimal angst. Don't mind me, I'm just the crazy girl who hauls her dozens of children everywhere she goes! 

3. In less fun Flint athletics news, we had to cancel this year's football season. SAD FACE. (wait, those emoi-replacing all-caps maybe sounded sarcastic? Totally sincere all-caps here. I loved having football.) Hopefully we'll have enough players again next year!

4. Avalon had a doctor appointment first thing this morning, which we stretched out into a Target-and-sundry-other-errands sort of morning, just the two of us. It was awesome. And much needed, I think. Especially since we're at what I consider to be the end of an era: she has officially decided to no longer dress the same as her sisters. I KNOW. I've always made a point of telling them that they don't have to match...and they always say how they want to, and I'm always glad because it's cute and I only have to plan one outfit each day and they're really easy to find in a crowd. But now she wants to wear different outfits and she's getting all individual and grown and her own person and everything. It's a moment. HOWEVER, would you like to know what instigated this moment?

5. Yeah. It was a boy. A boy told her that he thought she should dress differently than Lainey, so now she wants to. Hmph. That is all the commentary I will offer. Just...hmph.

6. In other less fun parenting news, Aaron and I spent last weekend enjoying Meanest Parents Ever Since the Dawn of Time status. The big girls wanted to go to the Pinterest Convention. We told them they could earn it by working very hard in class and being very kind and obedient. And then we kept catching ourselves giving warning after warning every day..."If you want to go this weekend, should you really...?" type things. Until Friday, when we realized they actually hadn't been behaving all that well really and then a certain young lady chose to tell a lie (which is the offense I can tolerate the absolute least, as a matter of fact) and wait, WHY were we working so hard to help them earn a reward? Sorry, no. 

7. They were hideously upset, but they also responded really well to the conversation we were able to have about how very wrong it would be for Mama and Daddy to let them grow up believing that you can only halfway put forth the effort needed to achieve something and then still have it handed to you. So...it was a good thing, I guess? Someday my children may possibly see it that way. Or maybe they'll just cherish this bitter disappointment for years and then run away to become Pinterest Con roadies and that's not a thing and if it was I have no idea what it would actually involve, but I'm going to go ahead and picture them running around dressed as giant Mason jars filled with glitter, crock pot recipes, printables, articles on the Top Ten Ways To (fill in the blank), seasonal craft projects, elaborate cupcakes, and budget DIY everything in the whole universe.

So basically a win-win, amiright?

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