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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I have approximately five hundred random mini-posts rattling around my brain these days...things I haven't got around to writing, or haven't figured out how to write, or maybe just aren't quite enough on their own to write about but don't seem to really go with anything else. So like a nice, disciplined, rule-abiding English teacher (ahem!) I am naturally going to just throw them together and see if they coalesce or something on their own. Let's find out, it'll be fun!

My eight grade homeroom is one of the most delightful groups I've ever taught. They're such a funny combination of silly and serious, reflective and ridiculous. They sing entire conversations, ride piggyback on each other down the hallways, and bounce around the classroom like rubber balls, but they also study intensely for every single assignment they have, delve into incredibly deep discussions of our lessons, and are the only class I've ever had that cried openly at the part of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe where Aslan dies. 

All bets (and lessons!) are off when there's a baby in the classroom, though.

They were also really great at the Compassion Experience field trip we went on, and now they want to sponsor a child as a class. 

My other classes are all wonderful, too, actually. Flint kids are just the best. Even when they make me crazy! My junior/senior literature class has finally warmed all the way up to Pride and was rough at first, no lie, but they started to come around when Mr. Bennet told Elizabeth that he would never speak to her again if she married Mr. Collins. Then yesterday Mr. Darcy PROPOSED to Elizabeth and she said NO and they were completely hooked. Today we read Mr. Darcy's letter to Elizabeth in rapt attention and with much discussion. All of the other classes are reading The Once and Future King and they aren't quite hooked yet. But we'll get there! Just a few more nose-biting, owl-talking, fish-transforming chapters and we'll be totally immersed. 

We had our medieval-themed Fall festival, which turned out absolutely wonderful. I wish I had a picture of all of the staff together - the PTF encouraged everyone who wanted to to dress up in medieval clothes to add to the ambiance. I was amazed at how many of our teachers were all for it! We raided the costume room and had a blast. Even some of the husbands dressed up. This team isn't just insanely talented and dedicated, y'all, they're crazy fun people to boot!

I skipped out on my classes last Thursday so I could go to a grammar school field trip with my babies. I do that sometimes, in spite of the outrage it causes amongst my high school babies. I don't like to anger them (they bring me Starbucks! And mysterious small pumpkins and gourds!) but it makes my tinies sad when I miss their field trips.

Anyway, the photo opportunities alone are worth it!

Sack races, chickens, and water pump games...and a llama! Avalon and Lainey burst out - in unison- as soon as they saw the llama with, "A llama? He's supposed to be dead!" Which made me basically explode with pride. My girls are the coolest little nerds on the planet!

Not pictured: that pony trying it's very best to make friends with Tristan and Tristan absolutely freaking out about the WEIRD SCARY LARGE DOGGY HALP! We'll work on it, I guess.

Baby plus pumpkins equals so many adorable pictures

Okay. It DID coalesce for me, at least a little. There's a lot more besides all of this awesomeness that could go here...laughing and crying, pranking and panicking, scary conversations and conversations about what to read next, hard decisions and stupid puns, eye-rolls and hugs, Instagram-worthy snapshots and moments no filter can pretty up...but what I really want to get across is how much I love these people, this tribe. It's the same feeling I have when I look at my babies. I know for a fact that they aren't actually perfect (trust me, I KNOW) but when I look at them that's all I can think. Oh, you are perfect

This community, these people? Not perfect at all. But also somehow completely perfect at the same time and they fill my heart to bursting.


  1. It coalesced very well. I like your ending.

  2. Your beautiful family and your beautiful community... Everyone should be so blessed!


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