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Monday, January 9, 2017

The first week of the spring semester is officially in the books and I just realized I haven't updated this blog since early November. Oops! Holidays, y'all. Holidays. Ours were amazing. The Fall semester seemed to fly by and I really loved having the break time to rest and reflect. In between the fun and festivities I managed to get quite a few days of Total Hermit Mode, which is just exactly what my little introverted soul needed. 

There is (apparently) no blogging in Total Hermit Mode, though, so here is a quick little recap of all the posts I would have posted if I had bothered posting posts:

We finished reading Pride and Prejudice and had a Lit party!
(No, see, that's funny because it could be short for literature and it could be lit like how the kids say reallyreallyreally fun, and it was BOTH so...nevermind, forget it. It's hard being bilingual, I tell you)

Basketball season started up! Aaron has taken a second full time job, away from the school, in addition to being athletic director/head coach at Flint and now he is soooooo busy! All these years of being a coach's wife, I never realized how much time together we still managed to have by working at the same place during the day. This is a whole other level of missing each other!

The entire upper school volunteered at Mission Arlington for most of their Christmas party day (because who are we trying to fool, we never try to do regular lessons on the last day of the semester) and hauled a million boxes of food in the freezing cold.
THEN we had a gift exchange party with cookies and hot chocolate and pizza back at the school.

The girls had their winter dance recital - Phoebe finally got to be in a recital! She loved it! In spite of my slow transformation into a hermit crab and Aaron's insane schedule we still managed to do plenty of Christmas stuff...decorating gingerbread houses, driving through Interlochen to see the lights, making cookies, spending time with extended family, watching ALL THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES, etc. 

And it was Tristan's first Christmas!

Aaron and I celebrated our TENTH anniversary, which sounds crazy like maybe we should be grownups or something? I'm not so sure that's happening. If anything we are less mature and act more like newlyweds now than we did ten years ago. 

We had our New Years fun, like always, because you will never convince me that New Year's Eve isn't a little magical and I love it. Also, I resolved to say No a whole bunch in the coming year, which includes saying it to myself. So far I have almost exclusively said it to myself, but I'm starting to say it to real people too.
(Wait. I'm a real person? But that still seems accurate?)

As much as we loved Christmas break, we loved going back to school last week, too. The kids were beyond excited to see their friends again, and I had really missed my teenagers. They're crazy and ridiculous and oh how I love them! We spent the week writing essays and having book club meetings about the novels we all read over the break. I've managed to make it through my whole life avoiding Lord of the Flies, but I had to read it last month because they wanted it for book club. If nothing else proves my love for my students, THAT should! Today we're starting new books - Oliver Twist in my junior/senior class and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court in my other classes. Except for my eighth graders, we're still working on the last few chapters of The Prince and the Pauper.

I started work on the costumes for the grammar school play (Sleeping Beauty!) and it snowed a tiny bit and traffic got crazy so we had to reschedule a basketball game. We had a big cozy fire and watched movies and snuggled instead, so it was hard to pretend I was disappointed. 

Between Aaron's work schedule (I'm not always mama enough to take all the kids by myself, although I'm braver about attempting it if I have one of the boys with me) and all of these holidays landing on Sundays, I don't think we had been to church for an entire month. Going back yesterday felt like coming home! 

And now we're all caught up, and if we're Facebook friends I'm sorry, you already knew nearly all of this stuff, because this was essentially my timeline for the past month or so, just with slightly less words and more pictures. Wouldn't it have been nice of me to say that at the BEGINNING of this post so you didn't have to slog through all of that? It would have. But I didn't. I'm just the worst.

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  1. Ugh Lord of the Flies. Totally get hermit mode, but I am quite glad you climbed out of your shell long enough to update your eager blog fans 😉


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