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Monday, April 10, 2017

Where on earth did you get an idea like that?

Sometimes I forget that our school requires a little explanation. I mean, Aaron and I have been raising our family in this crazy village since forever, so lots of things seem perfectly mundane that I realize actually seem kind of bizarre to visitors and new families. We seem to have collected a lot of newcomers lately (Hi! You clearly have wonderful taste and excellent decision-making skills, you gorgeous things!) and also a lot of new people checking the school out for next year (It's amazing I promise, get over here, you!) and communicating the heart of the school, what we're doing and why and how, was really one of the main purposes of this blog. Which I am hereby reviving because there is NO WAY to truly understand Flint Academy in the course of one little school tour. Especially since we rarely can manage to all behave for a tour. Weirdest Thing My Class Was Doing When a Tour Came By But I SWEAR It Was Part of My Lesson is practically a competitve sport among the teachers. I can only assume from anecdotal evidence that some form of this competition exists for the students and animals as well. Ahem. My POINT is that you can get a little sample (enough to send you running for the hills, or, if you are really cool, intrigue and fascinate you) but there is no way to understand it all in that little amount of time. 

So step right up, loves. That picture up there, for example, is one of the upper school students relaxing backstage before his grand finale in our recent grammar school production of Sleeping Beauty. And here is one of the five thousand selfies that I find on my phone when I leave it lying on my desk unsupervised.

Here we are connecting with works of art:

And here we decided to take literature class outdoors:

But also we love to dance:

This...this is...a cheese party. That the eighth graders decided very randomly to have. Actually, I still need this one explained to me?

Here's that baby that keeps trying to crash high school classes. You are fooling NO ONE, baby!

And this is the cutest cheer squad EVER:

I could keep doing this all day because I take an unreasonable amount of pictures, but what I really would like is a little guidance from YOU. I really don't know where to start, so I keep not writing anything. If you've been at Flint Academy for a while, what are some aspects of the school that you think need explaining? Things that confused you at first, or even things that still confuse you. And if you are new or prospective, what are you most curious about? Let me know and I'll explain it to the very best of my ability. Aaaaand GO!

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  1. The question I get ALL THE TIME is you really have no school on Fridays!?!? What do working parents do with their kids on Friday? What about the number of days the state requires?


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