Flint Life Lately

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Some snippets of what we've been up to lately...

The grammar school had their Field Day this past week, and it involved those inflatable bubble suit things so you know it was awesome! 

Our wonderful PTF must be totally worn out, since in addition to organizing and putting the Field Day together, they celebrated Teacher Appreciation in a BIG way all week long. There was a waffle bar, y'all. And flowers and candies and sweet notes and a great big lunch. We felt all kinds of appreciated!

I'm treating most of my literature classes to gentler books to finish the year...we've been very rigorous and dug into things like Beowulf, The Once and Future King, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Pride and Prejudice, Oliver Twist and Robin Hood all year, and now with their brains all worn out and summer vacation on the horizon, I decided it was time to read something just for fun. I love the classics and we enjoy diving into them as a class, but it's no good to lose sight of the joy of reading. So now we're reading Harry Potter books and The Blue Castle by L.M. MontgomeryBecause I have never met or made a syllabus that I won't completely wreck! I don't set out to, but how can you possibly know in advance the pace and interest and needs of each class (and expect them all to be exactly the same!) in August? You can't, so no matter how hard I work to craft the perfect syllabus each year, we all know it is doomed for the recycle bin by late October.

The grammar school students are reading The Whipping Boy and Mary Poppins, and the pre-k lovies are learning fairy tales. Phoebe startled me at dinner the other night when she hid her fork and kept asking us where it was. "It's under your arm." I said. "THE DEVIL TOLD YOU THAT! THE DEVIL TOLD YOU THAT!" She shrieked. I was a little alarmed until I remembered that they had been reading Rumplestiltskin.

It feels like walking through a garden when you go down to the end of the grammar school these days, just look how gorgeous:

The other bit of the grammar school hallway is not so bucolic, but still very fascinating, all life-size charts of students' bodies and internal organs.

Practice has started for summer-league basketball and Tristan is obsessed. He won't just play with an extra ball on the sidelines like the other Hallford babies did when we would hang out at practice after school, no. He WILL race into the middle of everything the instant his feet touch the ground. Lord help us both when actual games start! I'm just going to foolishly hope that he gets a tiny bit more reasonable...at least before football season.

A great big chunk of our upper school kids were just in a Theatre Three production. Aaron and I were able to go see one of the performances at it was wonderful! I love the way our drama program draws so many kids into loving and participating in theatre outside of the school. 

We're all in that weird phase of trying to focus on end-of-the-year business, but getting distracted by plans and ideas for next year...and this summer! Flint is having a series of week-long summer camps that are going to be AMAZING. But I do feel like my head is going in dozen directions at once! I can't even prioritize at this point, just dig into the first task that occurs to me and hope for the best.

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