Summer Mode

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


We have already been out of school for two weeks, which for my family means we've embraced the end-of-the-year crash (read: lying around in pajamas and binging on movies for several days) and moved past it, to the stage where I write progress reports and we clean out backpacks, re-organize closets, and compile enormous binders full of a year's worth of school work for each child. That binder project makes me SO emotional every year, and this time I made it worse by watching Anne With an E while I worked on it. This may be why I'm still not sure how I feel about Anne With an E. Maybe. Maybe it's just weird. I haven't made it past the third episode yet, so who knows.

Regardless, we are now officially in Summer Mode here, although that looks a bit different this year. I usually am pretty vigilant about keeping our summers relaxed and unscheduled, because that is my TIME to be HOME WITH MY BABIEEEESSSS and I really crave the balance of that after a busy  school year. This time, though, we have so many opportunities to do cool things away from home that I had to let go of that a little. Right now the two older girls are doing a musical theatre camp at Theatre3 in Dallas. It's a long enough drive that I'm shuffling the two younger kiddos between Aaron, GiGi and my mom, and just staying in Dallas while they are in rehearsals. Then we go home and race to the pool, most days, and then have dinner, practice lines and choreography, and read a chapter of Harry Potter before bed. I keep consoling myself that it's only three additional weeks of being away from Phoebe and Tristan during the day, because, you know, Mama Guilt. (Which honestly, is worse because I'm getting four solid hours to myself each day, getting work done and drinking Starbucks in peace. It's  heavenly, so I automatically feel guilty!) This is an AMAZING experience for Avalon and Lainey, though. I can't even say how much I am loving it for them!

Because they are doing this and later they'd be doing summer camp at Flint, I decided not to buy Summer Bridge workbooks  this year. I still totally recommend them, though. They have nice short daily lessons and help keep skills sharp, especially if a child has made a lot of goains over the school year and needs them to be reinforced. If you aren't going to do our summer camps at Flint you should definitely get one...but the camps are better! Take a look at this lineup and you'll see why I conceded some of my stay-at-home time:

June 26-29 Cheer Camp
July 5-8 Drama Camp Treasure Island
July 10-14 Frontier Camp
July 17-21 Astronomy Camp
July 24-28 Construction Camp
July 31-August 4 Flight Camp

I mean, how can you pass on those? They all sound amazing! Fortunately we don't start school until after Labor Day, so I'll have a nice solid block of time in August to unschedule my children. You know, turn off the screens and make (I mean, encourage! No, LET! Haha.) them entertain themselves for most of the day.  And mix it up with fun projects and little adventures. I asked the girls to make their own bucket lists for the summer, and we've already managed a few of the items. Meanwhile we are doing as much unscheduling as possible on the weekends. Ideals, meet reality. Now be friends! BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

Ultimately I think we're sticking to the real goals I have for summer...we are spending lots of time together, lots of time swimming and playing outside, and lots of time having new experiences. It's pretty wonderful! 

For myself I have a lot of projects at/for the school that I want to make headway on...curriculum stuff and a school philosophy guide, lots of structural organization, tons of planning, and more FAQ posts on this blog. My other goal is to take a lot of naps, because I'm seriously behind on rest and sanity, and naps are beautiful things. 

Seriously, they might be the number one most wonderful part of a day. Mmmmm, naps.

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