Monday, October 24, 2016

My husband and I work at a very unique little private school in Texas. He's the athletic director, I teach literature and writing. We have four children- Avalon is seven, Lainey is six, Phoebe is three, and Tristan is nine months - but they are usually outnumbered by their unofficial older brothers. There are almost always some high school boys from our school hanging out at our house, and the end result is an enormous, fluid, beautifully patched-together family. I can't distinguish between school and family any longer, and I think I love that!


  1. What an amazing, lovely situation for your family and I LOVE the idea that you can't tell the difference between school and family :)

  2. I love everything about your family! "Unofficial" big brothers rock!

  3. How cool is this family?!?! I also have three girls and to step sons... so it´s always a full house! Fun!


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